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Instant Root & Scalp Coverage: LOCK on Coverage Until Your Next Shampoo

BLEND is a pressed powder made from natural mineral colors and clean ingredients offering a weather resistant and smudge proof formula to conceal thinning hair and helping to prolong the life of color applications. BLEND LOCKS on tightly to follicles to cover the scalp, giving a full-bodied effect until the next shampoo. BLEND is gentle on the scalp and offers professional-grade coverage for at-home application. The unique applicator package includes powder and hidden sponge applicator for precise coverage on the go. Quickly transform the appearance of thin hair by blending scalp and roots in one application. Suitable for men and women of all hair types.

BLEND is powered by Hero Clean Ingredients: Argan Oil, Squalane, and Vitamin E. Key Benefits Include:

-Moisturize and condition the Scalp

-Excellent Emollient

-Hydrates the Scalp

-Powerful Antioxidant Properties

-Prevent Damage Cause by Over-washing and Over-styling

-Reduce Damage Caused by Hair Dyes.

-Provide Natural Free-Radical Damage Protection from the Sun